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Vel-Key® is a registered trademark of Key Systems, Inc.

Vel-Key® Wall Key Storage

Wall Storage Vel-Key Wall Cabinets hold up to 528 tags using removable Vel-Key Files. Sturdy metal cabinets come with cross reference charts and accountability tags.

Vel-Key® Portable Storage

Portable Storage

The Portable Key Organizer provides an easy way to transport key files. Sturdy plastic key box includes 3 Vel-Key Files, with accountability tags and labeling pen. Each organizer can hold up to 10 Vel-Key Files, 220 tags.


Vel-Key® Zipper Case Storage

Zipper Case

Hide and transport organized key cases with ease! Store important keys in our classy carrying case. Key Cases are available in two sizes and zip closed.


Vel-Key® VHS Case Key Storage

VHS Case

Hide keys in Key Cassettes, a key storage system disguised as a common VCR case.


Vel-Key® Products File

Products File

Each Vel-Key File holds 22 key tags. Store 1000's of keys per file drawer. Files fit easily into hanging files, 3-ring binders, briefcases, and Vel-Key Wall Cabinets. Vel-Key Files come with 3 accountability tags and marking pen.


Vel-Key® Products By The Inch

Product by the Inch

Add key storage anywhere. Each tag is an inch wide and easily held in place with Velcro® adhesive-backed fasteners.  Orders come with a strip 12" long and includes 12 Vel-Key® tags


Vel-Key® Products Take Apart

Medeco Take Apart

Vel-Key Take-A-Part joins two key tags back to back. Easily separate two groups of keys such as car keys from house keys.


Vel-Key® Products Pocket Case

Pocket Case

Be prepared! Important keys, documents, and money can be stored in the Pocket Key Case. Cases are easily tucked into a backpack, purse, pocket, or fixed to included Velcro hook strip. Use the case to hide a key. Secretly attach a Pocket Key Case holding a spare key to a vehicle and never get locked out again!

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